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Elly Price is the Owner/Operator of Right on Track K9 Training, LLC. Elly began her career as a K9 handler by training, then certifying in Human Remains Recovery, Trailing, and K9 Obedience. She has also worked as an assistant trainer in K9 obedience under the direction of Dean Gardner at his school, Walk This Way, located in Plymouth, Michigan.

Since 2005 Elly has trained as a member of various K9 groups, including: K9 Assisted Search Team (K.A.S.T.), Midwest Michigan Police K9 Academy, Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association (L.E.B.A.), and the German Bloodhound Mantrailing Association e.V. in Stendal, Germany, where she acted as an interpreter at their Mantrailing School in 2006, 2007, and 2008. She is currently an active member of the Tri-State K9 Search and Rescue.

In 2011, after working with dogs for more than eight years, Elly established herself as a trainer in K9 obedience and began offering classes in dog obedience, agility, nose work, and trailing. Since then, Elly has trained with numerous clients and has established an extensive client base. She has also continued to volunteer her time to various law-enforcement agencies and K-9 related organizations.

Elly’s goal is to continue to provide people with solutions for their K9 needs, ranging from simple obedience to behavioral problems. This includes continuously researching and educating herself with the newest and most relevant training methods.

My training philosophy

I sincerely enjoy helping my clients with their K9 companions, and I strive to implement positive techniques into my training session. I believe that the training process should be fun and stress free.

K-9 related education

· Basic Obedience K-9 Academy in Romulus, MI (September 2004)
· Intermediate Obedience K-9 Academy in Wayne, MI (March 2005)
· Heartland K-9 Services Cadaver Course in Amherst, Ohio (June 2005 & June 2009)
· L.E.B.A. Mantrailing School and Cadaver Seminar in Grantsville, Maryland (April 2006, April 2007 & April 2008)
· Completed the Search and Rescue K-9 Team Obedience Course, Certificate of Certification in Dearborn, MI (January 2006)
· Certified in K-9 Mantrailing in Dearborn, MI (October 2006)
· CPR certificate of training in Bloomfield Hills, MI (January 2007)
· L.E.B.A. Cadaver Certification in Grantsville, Maryland (April 2008)
· L.E.T.S Cadaver Certification in Beloit, Wisconsin (June 2011)
· Attended a 3 Day Science-Based Dog Training Seminar in Detroit held by Dr.Ian Dunbar (October 2011)
· 40 hours of tracking school in Indiana (Certified) (May 2012 & 2013)
· Andrew Ramsey’s Nosework Seminar in Plymouth, MI hosted by MDT (Michigan Dog Training) (October 13,2013)

Randy Hare Nosework Seminar June 13/14 2016

SARTECH2 Certification at Alpena Air Base, MI with NASAR May 15/2016

A member of the Pet-A-Pet Club since 2011

All my training certificates are available upon request.