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“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Elly for almost a year. I have a very high energy, exuberant, stubborn, and bossy 2 year old golden retriever who I have been training using various techniques since she was a puppy. I have tried numerous trainers, including a well-known group in Ann Arbor, but without success. I have had GREAT success with Elly. She has a natural gift for understanding the issues behind the dog and handler, and has years of experience with well-known trainers in the field. She uses positive reinforcement methods and is highly proficient in obedience, agility, behavioral problems, nose work, and tracking. Because of Elly I have learned how to be a better leader for my dog and this has resulted in amazing improvements in my dog’s behavior. As a bonus to Elly’s excellent training skills, she is a very friendly and down-to-earth person who makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. Many trainers I have worked with are aloof and critical, almost to the point of making you feel like a complete failure. Elly is honest with her assessment of your skills and your dog’s abilities, but she is kind and compassionate in her approach. She makes you feel like you can learn, take control, and build a better relationship with your dog. And isn’t that what we all strive for?”



Deborah Thompson & Aspen

“Elly is one of the best! She has a strong passion for teaching and you can tell she really gets a joy out of seeing your dog advance. Its very comforting. I highly recommend her!”



Tim Taylor & Zoey

“Wow!!! What a great experience we have had and are going to continue having with Elly and Right on Track K9 Training! Before calling Elly I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of trainers before I made my final decision and I am so glad I chose her. Her credentials are wonderful and make her more than qualified to handle my 2 crazy dogs. She uses positive reinforcement which makes for a happy dog and happy dog parents. You actually can create more of a bond with your pet by using positive reinforcement opposed to giving your pet hasty “corrections”. Our first training session with Elly was more than impressive. She really has a passion for dog training and her heart is totally in it. She is number one here for the dog and not for the money. This is not like other businesses we called where we talked to secretaries and were going to be treated as a number. Now about our dog. We have a very hyperactive 2 year old golden retriever that we were nearly giving up on! His manners were horrible and guests were sick of fighting him off of them, their foods and drinks, the minute they walked through our door. Now when they come over they comment on how much better he is doing! Before my husband and I decided to call a trainer we made a promise that we were going to work with our dogs and FOLLOW THROUGH with practice….the most challenging part when you get home from a long day of work! No dog trainer is going to come over and leave a couple hours later with a dog that is “cured”. This is not a Cesar Milan episode people! But I am testimonial that practice makes perfect and you can have a well behaved dog if you are willing to put in the work/time. Give Elly a call and you will not be disappointed! I have already recommended her to numerous friends and family. A dog should be a joy to have in the home not a nuisance! And remember any dog that has bad behaviors has those behaviors because you or someone else at one time has rewarded them when they acted a certain way. So, Please give your dog a chance to be a “good dog” and train them properly because all they want to do in the end of the day is please you!”



Amber Sasena & Kona

“I can’t tell you how confident you made me feel today. Your knowledge is priceless and you really helped me understand my Daisy girl better. We are working MUCH better together in just a short amount of time. I’m amazed and appreciative. Hope to continue with your classes and encouragement.”



Karen Kruz & Daisy

“Elly – your training is amazing. While we are there, you are totally committed to helping me teach Brody the correct training methods to ensure that he will grow up to be a “good boy”. I come home from class and am excited to go over his homework with him. Its so rewarding when I can say “YES” to all the new things he has learned 😃p.s. Thank you for being so patient with me, too.”



Suzanne & Brody

“Thank you so much for your work with Shadow and myself this morning.. I have had dogs all my life, but learned so much in just this one session. Shadow and I are looking forward to next week.”



Don Montgomery & Shadow

“Elly is really passionate about what she does! She LOVES animals – we could tell! Our dog, Max, really responded well to her! Hopefully, our pets WILL co-exist in ONE room!! GOD BLESS her! Sophie loved her too! She’s the CAT!!”



Bro. Jim O’Brien, OFM, Conv. & Max

“Just a short note to tell you how successful I felt about today’s training. Thanks for your patience. This evening was awesome as well. Santo and I did some off leash training in the basement, which was also very successful. I hope this continues.”



Rose & Santo

“You are so patient and so kind Elly. Bentley and I really enjoyed your class! Not only did he learn so many positive things, but I also learned so much new information and techniques for continuing training with Bentley in the future. Thanks again for such a wonderful class!”



Denise Stec & Bentley

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight with me today, I ALREADY see a difference in how Remi views me. It was so nice meeting you, thank you again!”



Jessica Longton & Remi

“Elly is a dynamite trainer. She worked with us and our German Shepherd starting when he was just a puppy. He learned to love car rides because he LOVED going to Elly’s. We highly recommend Elly based on her knowledge of “dog psychology”, her cheery attitude, and extremely positive approach to dog training.”



Dave Eichberger & Chief

“I have 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog (aka Red Heeler) named Honey. I and Honey took Elly’s basic obedience classes followed by individual training. Elly is an excellent trainer and a very kind person. I hope we could take some agility lessons later this year.”



Lev Pekarsky & Honey

“With Elly, you know you are getting someone who will appreciate, treasure, and teach your dog with as much compassion and discipline as if your dog were one of hers. She is very thorough in her explanations and suggestions. She is upbeat and intelligent in helping your dog master new skills. My dog and I have been lucky to do agility work with her and other work on basic commands. I plan to spend a lot of time with Elly and get my dog to be the best he can be, and to have our relationship be as solid as possible. If you love your dog, spend time with Elly. You won’t be disappointed.”



Alexandra Haller & Quixote

“Had an incredible day with Elly of Right on Track K9 Training! We worked on tracking with Raina. Raina is so good at it (IMHO), she mozies her way to find the missing person then looks at me as if to ask “What, you think I wouldn’t find him?” Elly is amazing at explaining the “why” of what she needs me to do as a handler. Raina is one tired pup now.”



Molly Tannian Schneider & Raina